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Gordon’s Dickin’s Summer Walk Sunday 28th June 2015
Distance: 7 miles approximately

This is one of my favourite walks, taking us up to one of Shropshire’s most spectacular Iron-Age hill forts, with equally spectacular views in all directions. It is more or less the same walk that featured in “Shropshire Walks with Writers” which I co-wrote with Gladys Mary.
The outward route includes a steady, but not too daunting climb, up to Bury Ditches while the return is largely downhill on paths and across fields before a short uphill climb through forestry followed by lovely views of Clun down below, then an ancient sunken lane leading us back towards our starting point.

Summer Walk to Bury Ditches hillfort, Sunday 28 June 2015

This year’s walk once again took place the day after our Summer School event, with Society members and friends meeting in Clun on a rather damp and miserable morning. We were a little surprised to find that the usually half empty Memorial Hall car park had been taken over for a cycling event. However we sorted ourselves out and twelve of us, together with a four-legged, honorary member (Floey, or was it Florrie the dog?) set off for the uphill section across fields, lanes and forestry paths to reach Bury Ditches. We did rather straggle up the hill but Floey, true to her sheepdog instincts, kept an eye on us by trotting back down the line to ensure we were all there ….. and, thankfully, chose not to round us up.

By this time the sun was shining and, having taken in the vast expanse of this remarkable Iron Age hillfort and marvelled at the labour that went into its construction, we sprawled on the ramparts to enjoy our lunches and the fantastic views. All was peaceful until we came under attack from a small raiding party – well, a couple of children pretending to be Iron Age warriors who were soon rounded up by village elders!

The return journey, mainly across fields, gave us some of the best in Shropshire scenery on what was now a warm and sunny afternoon. After Stepple Farm the steep climb up to Radnor Woods was a shock to our systems but we made it and then enjoyed the long downhill section, with Clun in sight below us, then a sunken lane and back to our starting point.

Thanks to all who joined me for your cheerful company and conversation, even when slogging uphill, and a special thanks to Floey for looking after us and making us smile.


An 'action' photo from the walk Bury Ditches, looking north toward Bishops Castle (11 walkers).

An ‘action’ photo from the walk Bury Ditches, looking north toward Bishops Castle (11 walkers).

Took place on Sunday, June 28, 2015, at Clun to Guilden Down and Bury Ditches, returning via Stepple.

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