The Mary Webb Society

Secretary Sue Higginbotham writes:

Twenty members attended the Christmas Lunch at Church Barn in Bishops Castle and they were in for such a treat!
The lovely old world hall, decorated by committee members with a beautiful Christmas tree and lights along with golden stars attached to the beams and pretty table decorations and crackers looked very festive;  members received a warm welcome as they arrived on a ‘daggly’ day, with a glass of sherry.
Once we were all seated, Wendy Oakley and her team of ladies brought out the food and what a wonderful treat was in store!
The tables groaned with succulent turkey and stuffing with dishes full of carrots, sprouts, red cabbage, bread sauce cranberry sauce and gravy, as much as we could eat with plenty of top ups!
This was followed with a choice of home made Christmas pudding and brandy sauce or a fruit trifle. After that we had home made mince pies and After Eight mints.
Further glasses of sherry, fruit juices and tea or coffee followed.
The whole meal was absolutely delicious and it was agreed that it was the best Christmas meal we had enjoyed in many years!
Wendy and her team were congratulated at the end of the meal and presented with a gift of potted hyacinths and celebration chocolates.
Three of Mary Webb’s Christmas poems were read by members and a short piece from House in Dormer Forest describing the Castle Hotel in Bishops Castle (Mallards Keep) and its dining room was read from the novel. (See the picture of the dining room panel).
Members were encouraged to stay and chat and were told about the activities that were taking place later in the town with a decorated umbrella procession from the Church to the Town Hall to watch the Christmas tree lights ‘switch on’ followed by a firework display!
What a wonderful end to an very enjoyable day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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