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Today, Saturday 5th December 2020, we should have been looking forward to our annual christmas lunch, a chance to enjoy a lovely festive meal and friendly company in a choice of many Shropshire venues, from a grand Shrewsbury hotel to an intimate beautifully decorated village hall. Sadly, this was not to be this year but I hope we can look back on some of our happy gatherings and also remember some of the friends who are no longer with us.

This poignant  poem written by Mary Webb at Christmas 1920 shows her surprise when entering her usually undemonstrative mother’s bedroom, to find that she had kept some of her children’s childhood christmas gifts.

To Mother     Christmas, 1920

Within the doorway of your room tonight
I stood, and saw your little treasures all
Set out beneath the golden candle-light
While silver chimes haunted the evenfall.
Here was the robin, very round and bright,
Painted by one of us with fingers small,
And childish presents, bought with grave delight,
For many an ancient Christmas festival

Saturday, December 5, 2020

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