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Leighton Lodge, Shropshire, 25 March 1881

“Snowdrops had come and gone by then. On the lawns of Leighton Lodge birds had returned, their keen song ringing in the adjoining parkland of the Hall and rising from the tall trees in the Lodge grounds. Through the dark earth spring flowers were cleaving, and a mist of green veiled the hedges, giving hint that apple-blow would not be long, Soon the wild rose would hang upon the thorn. Here, at Leighton Lodge, Mary Gladys Meredith was born on Lady Day in one of the rear rooms which face towards the South Shropshire hills. She was the first child of George Edward Meredith and his wife, Sarah Alice”.

FromĀ  The Flower of Light a biography of Mary Webb by Dr Gladys Mary Coles 1978


Image of the bronze bust in the grounds of Shrewsbury library by Robert Gwilliam



Thursday, March 25, 2021

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