The Mary Webb Society

The Society archivists, Katharine Cates and Maureen Tarbuck assisted by Samantha Major from Shropshire Archives have trawled through the many documents and images in the various boxes held by the society (some 8000 items) in order to catalogue the collection and make it more accessible. After a lot of hard work, the collection has  been meticulously  catalogued and re-packed in archive quality boxes.

A detailed on-line catalogue is now available on the Shropshire Archives website and some images are available electronically. However, the archive itself has not been fully digitised  and researchers will need to view the items at the library but the production of a digital catalogue is a great achievement and thanks must go to our archivists for taking on this enormous task. The funding was made possible thanks to the legacy of Miss Muriel Furbank.

The archive catalogue called The Mary Webb Collection Ref 7760 can be viwed in the on-line catalogue section of the Shrophire Archive website,

The link to the archive is

This will also be available in the Links section

Saturday, November 5, 2016

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