The Mary Webb Society

Snowdrops on Mary Webb’s grave in the old part of Shrewsbury cemetery, Longden Road.
Thanks to local members, Nigel and Sue Hotchkiss for tidying up the grave, adding fresh flowers and taking photographs. The grave is usually tended by society members on a rota basis, but current travel restrictions make this difficult at the moment.
The Snowdrop
Three softly curved white sepals veined with light,
Three green-lined petals, guarding frugal gold.
And all so strong to fold or to unfold!
Snow thunders from the bending pines. How slight
This frail, sheathed stem! Yet all unbent it springs,
So swift in stoopings and recoverings.
In the pale sunshine, with frail wings unfurled,
Comes to the bending snowdrop the first bee.
She gives her winter honey prudently;
And faint with travel in a bitter world,
The bee makes music, tentative and low,
And spring awakes and laughs across the snow.
Mary Webb

Sunday, February 7, 2021



    I have known of mary webb all my life.
    since i was a babe in arms, we sat in her pew in holy trinity meole brace church.
    i am a proud shropshire lass.
    i had a few kisses under thelamplight of the church..They were unlamped at dusk!

    I have many more memories.
    I donated a quite valuable Mary Webb book…a life to the society. I do hope you received it.
    I heard no more. best wishes . she was awonderful lady

    • liz says:

      Dear Judy, Thank you for your message. Can you let me know when you donated the book please and who you sent it to so that I can check with the committee. It would be lovely to hear about your memories for publication in our newsletter. Please reply to me at
      Many thanks
      Liz Stamps
      Vice Chair & Membership Secretary

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